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John Park

Tammie L.

 I just want to thank you for your REMARKABLE Cake-pops and dessert items! I would definitely recommend your coolest Cake-Pops! They are the best in the world and are absolutely delicious! In fact, I have placed orders for many birthday celebrations. Jesseca, I cannot thank you enough for putting your hard work, time and all your creative efforts into something sooo delicious! You are able to style your desserts with your own originality and make it into a work of art. This was evident and impressive when I ordered on three specific occasions; Two- 13yr birthday celebrations and a third time for a Sweet 16. OMG!!!…..Your Cake Pops were GORGEOUS and they were a HIT! EVERYBODY loved them! The designs looked so decorative and they were just as tasty too! Thank you for making them. They were outstanding! I would recommend Jesseca’s Sweet Street to anybody, because that is just how much I was impressed! One can clearly see your love for baking as well. Jesseca’s Sweet Street!!!..... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful dessert catering job you did on the numerous times when I have placed orders. I have NEVER been disappointed!

You are the best and wishing you All the best! Tammie Lawrence (Very Satisfied Customer).

Jane Gatewood

Allanii M.

Jesseca, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sweet treats from Sweet Street 🍭🍰🍬🍫 😍💸 ! It's so good that for Mother's day when I bought the strawberry cheesecake in a jar for my mom, I ended up eating it after 😭 LOL. She's still upset about it till' this day! But don't stop baking because you will forever be my personal bakery 💯 Love, Lala ❤️


Dania B.

I love your treats they are amazing!!! You have varieties so that everyone can enjoy, whether it's a chocolate lover or a sugar-free lover. I actually do not like cheesecake. However, I decided to try yours. From the moment the cheesecake fell into my mouth, I knew it wasn't like any other cheesecake I've had!! It was just so mouth watering. Just like your cake pops, cookies, and everything else you make. I admire how you put your thought and creativity into every treat so it's just right for me to eat. 

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Anthony Vega

Josline F.

Jesseca, your baked goods are those of my favorite. You put a lot into your work & it's shown through the quality of your food! I actually remember for Mother's Day, an incident had taken place where my cupcake bouquet got ruined & you actually took home my cupcake bouquet & made a whole new one for me. That was when I knew your dedication & hard work really shines through everything you do! Amazing job ✨

John Park

Dayzha L.

Thank you Jesseca!!! I absolutely loved the cake pops you made for my birthday!! When I saw that my name was spelled out on them, I was in love. It was a dessert nicely done!! It was perfect!! You have absolutely great crafting skills!! And you're pop up's have the most amazing things, and you come up with something new each time!! I love ordering from you, and I definitely will continue!!

Jane Gatewood

Cariann C.

These sweet street strawberries are the most delicious chocolate covered treats I've ever had. The chocolate was smooth and creamy and the strawberries were big and juicy. Have ordered from other places before and no other place compares. And the price is the best part.


Cariann Coward, M.A.